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The industries represented by Snapp Consulting's clients are as diverse as the industry experience Snapp Consulting brings to the table. Among the list of clients to whom we proudly provide professional services are such prestigious companies as Motors Insurance Corporation (Division of GMAC), Ispat Inland Inc. (formerly Inland Steel Co), and Keter Consultants (national provider of Environmental, Health & Safety Services).

Our In Focus feature is presented to periodically focus attention on one of our highly unique clients and highlight Snapp Consulting's contributions to their success.
Landauer, Inc. (NYSE: LDR) is the leading provider of analytical services to determine occupational and environmental radiation exposure. For nearly 50 years, the Company has provided complete radiation dosimetry services to hospitals, medical and dental offices, universities, national laboratories, and other industries in which radiation poses a potential threat to employees. For the manufacture, calibration, distribution, and collection of various types of radiation monitoring devices and the analysis, reporting and record keeping of exposure findings, Landauer has made a strong commitment to highly sophisticated and unique Information Technology systems. Snapp Consulting provides Landauer with analysis & design services, technical writing services, project management, and DotNet application development for major, mission-critical systems and projects.  
When Landauer decided to introduce a new dosimetry technology and associated web-based service, they engaged Snapp Consulting to provide project management, analysis & design, and application development services. During the requirements definition phase, Snapp Consulting also worked with the Marketing and R&D groups to refine the function and usablility of the product and service. To accelerate application design efforts, Snapp Consulting created a local computer-based prototype which enabled the Marketing group to quickly and easily refine the design. This prototype also served as a tool the Sales group could use to introduce the product and service to their customers. Snapp Consulting's work during the development phase of the project produced client-server applications that were completed on-time, in-budget, and were virtually defect-free. Additionally, these applications were said to have the most intuative user interfaces in Landauer's portfolio.
For Landauer’s migration to Microsoft’s DotNet environment, Snapp Consulting created application templates and reusable components to simplify future DotNet development and ensure consistency across Landauer’s application portfolio. To accommodate the significant changes introduced by the DotNet environment, Snapp Consulting defined and published new Programming Standards for DotNet development. In a bold move, Landauer’s first development effort using the new DotNet environment was a complete rewrite of a mission-critical system that supports Landauer’s primary product line. Snapp Consulting developed a large number of the applications for that system and, like prior work, these applications were delivered on-time, in-budget, and were virtually defect-free.